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Welcome to the Companik Family Light Show Website and thanks for visiting!

I have built this website to showcase our Christmas Light Display.


The first Christmas in our house, we put up 2 strings of lights around the front door. The next year, I completely outlined the house with colored lights, and it looked like "A Gingerbread House" according to my neighbors. A couple of years later, I bought the "GE Lights and Sounds of Christmas" unit which had 6 channels and pre-programmed music and sequences. I had that for a couple of years and kept adding more lights. In 2008, I had so many lights on the house running through the unit that I was blowing fuses in it, and when all the lights came on, the lights in the house would dim.
In 2009, I purchased a Light-O-Rama unit with 16 channels and it is controlled by a computer in the house. The Light-O-Rama unit used 2 dedicated circuits. I also switched to LED lights and ended the problem of the house lights dimming.
In 2010, we had 6 Light-O-Rama controllers, over 20,000 LED lights, a 15 foot tree, and a propane fire pit. In 2011 we upgraded to 9 Light-O-Rama controllers with 144 channels of animation as well as a 20 foot Mega Tree, 10 mini-trees, over 35,000 lights and 2 Cosmic Color Ribbons on the roof. In 2015, we added a 12 LED ribbon Mega Tree and upgraded the archway over our sidewalk. We are already planning for next years show!

Why didn't you have them in 2014?

In January of 2013, we had a very bad windstorm and the steel cables that hold up our 20 foot Mega Tree snapped. There are over 10,000 lights on the tree and when it came down, a lot of the lights were damaged, and because of the cost to replace them, we had to take a year off.


We started doing this as a little bit of decoration for our son. As our family grew, so did our display. As the display got bigger, people started slowing down to look at the house. Now, we see people bring their family to look at the lights. One year, I heard a bunch of noise outside and peeked out the window. I saw a father standing outside his car as his son stood on the drivers seat watching the lights. He would yell "Did you see that?" to his dad. The smile on his face and the joy in his voice is exactly why we do this.

The Numbers

In 2016, we will use: 9 controllers with 144 channels of animation, 14 LED ribbons for 4 arches and our 20 foot Mega Tree, over 40,000 LED lights, over 2 miles of extension wire, and over 7000 zip ties.

The Big Question

How much does all this cost? The answer is, I don't know. I start getting things for next year right after Christmas. I hit the clearance sales and buy things when I see them in the stores throughout the year. I may buy a new controller in March, and lights in July. It all depends on who has what on sale and when. As for my electric bill, in 2015, my bill for December was only 40.00 more than my bill in November. I use all LED lights, and they are a lot more efficient than regular lights.

This year, we will be collecting new, unwrapped toys for Toys For Tots on November 25, 26, and 27

between 5:00 - 9:00 P.M.


Listen To The Lights!
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The Show Runs Every Night From 4:30 - Midnight From

November 25th until New Years Day

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